Start of the 2016 Fort Worth Marathon

The Fort Worth Marathon is a non-profit organization. The Marathon is an annual running event that raises funds to fight childhood obesity in the Tarrant County area and in the school systems. The Fort Worth Marathon course is certified by the USA Track and Field Association and can be used to QUALIFY for the Boston Marathon, it is a flat out and back course along the Trinity River. We have food trucks, hot showers, LIVE MUSIC and FREE MONEY give away!!!

Mark your calendars now for November 12, 2017. See Race Information for details.

The Fort Worth Marathon Starts in:

Early Bird Registration Fees (through August 31, 2017)

Marathon $115 :: 20 Miler $105 :: Half Marathon $95

Want to check your registration? or see if a friend/nemesis is registered. Go to Athlete 360 to see.

2016 Fort Worth Marathon Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 winners! Official results can be found at Its Your Race. check out Movin' Pictures for photos from the race.


Bib # Name Finish Pace Age
340 Ben Cohen 02:51:37 6:32 31
337 Brooke Bible 03:03:37 7:00 28

Full Marathon Results

20 Miler

Bib # Name Finish Pace Age
847 Craig Ottman 02:01:00 6:02 34
812 Jamie Cole 02:37:15 7:51 37

20 Miler Results

Half Marathon

Bib # Name Finish Pace Age
1086 Alfonzo Gonzalez Jr. 01:21:22 6:12 36
590 Ashlee Inman 01:30:22 6:53 37

Half Marathon Results

Weather Almanac

General weather info.

Avg Temp: 50°-60°F
High: 70°
Low: 40°
Sunrise: 6:55 A.M.


Sheraton HotelsThe Fort Worth Marathon has secured a group rate at the Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel for more information. Group rate available until October 27, 2017.  Subject to availability.



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