Fort Worth Marathon FAQ

What are the prizes for completing the race?

 All finishers receive medals (belt buckles)

Do registrants get anything for registering early for the Marathon?

Yes, you will receive a T-shirt

Is the Fort Worth Marathon a Boston Qualifier?



NO. There are no official pacers or pace groups.  

Only bikers that go out with the lead runner and a biker that follows the last runner of each group.

Where and when can I pick-up my race packet?

Packet Pickup Information:

Saturday, November 10, 2018, 10 am - 5pm
Sunday, November 11, 2018, one hour before each race start

At Panther Island Shack
395 Purcey Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Will there be an Expo? What time does it open?

Yes, the Expo is both Saturday 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Panther Island Pavilion
395 Purcey Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

What's the temperature and humidity at that time of year?

It'll be about 50F (possibly upper 40's) at start, and low 70s by race finish. Dress in layers.

What kind of surface will the marathoners be running on?

Concrete trail for 22 miles, 4 miles of street asphalt. There is an optional 10 miles of crushed limestone in the middle.

What % of the course has shade?

Sun only an issue coming back for about 8 miles along the River trail.

How many aid stations are located on the course and at what mile markers?

22 total (11 out, 11 back) every 1 – 1 ¼ mile.

Do all of the aid stations have porta-potties, and are there multiple porta potties at each aid station?

Yes there are several porta-potties on the course (with toilet paper).

How spectator friendly is the course?

There will be 2 cheer areas along the course (Cheer Maps) one at Tilly Bridge off of Forest Park and across the street from Hoffbrau on University Dr. You can bring portable chairs along the finish line area.

What time does the race start?
  • Walkers for Full 6am - The water stops will not have water until after 7am. If you start at 6am be prepared and bring your own water.
  • Full 7am
  • 20 miler 7:30 am
  • Half 8 am
Will there be a gear check?

Yes, Parking is at the Start/Finish line. You can leave your gear in your car and check your key before the race. There is also bag drop at mile 5 marker. Your belongings will be sorted and tagged. You'll collect them at Panther Island Pavilion after the race. We'll have security watching over them.

Is there a time limit on the marathon?

Course closes at 1PM.

Will there be winner certificates?

Yes, they will be downloadable.

Will there be flavor electrolytes for the marathon?

Yes, G2 Gatorade

Are Ipods/headphones allowed on the course?

While on the trail (20 miles): Yes, one ear only please.
While on the street (6 miles): NO, on street aren't allowed for your own safety.

Will there be a lost and found?

Yes at bag and key drop location at Panther Island Shack.

If my t-shirt doesn't fit, can I exchange them?

Yes shirts can be exchanged after all racers have registered and received their shirts. We want to make sure everyone gets the shirt size they asked for when they registered.

Will there be race photographers for the marathon?

Yes. Movin' Pictures will be providing photography for the race. You may visit their website


Sorry no strollers allowed, it is for your own safety. The course is to narrow with the amount of runners we have.

I signed up for a race but now want to upgrade or downgrade, Or I Want A Refund. Can I do that?

Refunds, Transfers/Deferrals, and Race Changes:

  • Refunds available subject to an admin fee of $10 through August 31 and an admin fee of $15 from September 1 through October 31. Request a refund via Athlete 360. *** NO REFUNDS AFTER WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31 - NO EXCEPTIONS. ***
  • If you can't attend, you may request a Deferral to next year's event through November 6.  Otherwise, please consider your registration fee as a donation to the Run Like a Cheetah program.
  • Due to the availability of refunds, Transfers are not necessary and not available.
  • Race distance changes are subject to an admin fee of $5 (plus the price difference, if any) through August 31 and an admin fee of $10 (plus the price difference, if any) for race distance changes from September 1 through November 6.
  • Race changes (NO REFUNDS/DEFERRALS ) can also made be at Packet Pickup for a fee of $10 (plus the price difference, if any) CASH.
  • No changes (and no refunds/deferrals) on Race Day!


Yes, Go to

You can register the day of the race?

Yes $125 cash, check or card.

What does the marathon benefit?

How do I donate? The Run Like A Cheetah kids program. We fight Childhood Obesity. Donations can be made by check, made out to Run Like A Cheetah. Sent to the office 5358 W. Vickery Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107.